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Digital Endo X-Ray Positioner AC

It has an exclusive Bite Device. In endodontics: it compensates the file and cone's parts that exceed the tooth's crown. In Implantology: It compensates the rest of  the direction indicator, besides having a different shape that allows intraoperative radiographies in the endodontics and implantology.i  Kit of X-ray positioners that allow intraoperative radiographs in endodontics and Implantology.
• Perfect framing and practicality
• For endodontics: used for intraoperative radiography during canal root treatment
• For implantology: it’s used in the verifying of direction indicator in relation to maxillary bosom, nasalcavities and mental nerve
• Digital (Autoclavable) compatible with the sensors: Schick CDR, Schick Elite, Uwandy, Sky e Kodak.